Playing dress-up was a game that many people loved to play throughout their childhood, and for some of us, we never really grew out of it. While choosing your daily outfits can be fun, there’s something much more exciting about dressing up for a formal event. From your hair and makeup to the clutch and heels you choose, fashionistas can’t deny how much we love getting glammed up for a charity ball, wedding, and… View Post

Photography: Paul Masamo Last week Mandi took me to “The Deck” restaurant which is located at the UN. The restaurant is so beautiful, unfortunately, it’s not open to the public. The Deck is run by The Good Food Company and they have some tasty food and amazing cocktails. I got to eat so much food that driving back home was a problem. We had fish cakes, beef and chicken sliders, beef skewers in peanut sauce and… View Post

It’s harder now to start a blog than it was 6 years ago when I started. Back in the day when starting out you could take your pictures with a camera phone and be content with it. Times have changed, for the better. We have professional looking blogs, quality content, well-edited photos etc. This is not only limited to blogs, videos as well. People starting out on YouTube used to use webcams to record themselves, do… View Post

After I came back from Dakar back in June I decided to clear out my wardrobe, and I mean totally clear it out. I removed almost 90% of the things I had and that did not fit into my new "to be" wardrobe. I thought it would be hard to clear out stuff but it wasn't; I already knew what kind of style I want to develop and what I want to stay away from.… View Post

Yesterday was one of those long days where there’s so much going on through the day however I still managed to catch up with Mandi. In my last post, I’d mentioned that I’ll be uploading more often; I’ll be adding more snippets of my everyday life, think of it as Snapchat in pictures. It’s a perfect way to have something different in between outfits, beauty posts, and my blogging series. For real though, I’ve now become… View Post