On June 3rd to June 5th I got to travel to Dakar, Senegal for the Festival of African Bloggers and Youtubers. This was the first edition and we went with Miss Mandi and Silvia Njoki. The local bloggers from Senegal were asked to name bloggers they love from Kenya and they chose us. It is very humbling knowing I have readers all they way in Senegal, and some have been reading my blog from back… View Post

Photography By Paul MasamoLocation: Monikos Kitchen Stage 1 This is the approach stage, where either the brand contacts you or you contact the brand. You should state your intentions from the get-go; do you want to be compensated for your work or do you want free product etc. If you're the one doing the approaching it is wise to enquire about 2 things; Is the brand willing to collaborate with you; Do they have a… View Post

In this photo; Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask, Sigma's Spa Makeup Brush Cleaner L'oreal Gentle Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover Skin Care I recently did a video on My Current Favourite Skincare Products and the Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask was one of them. I'm still loving it and it had to be favorite in June. It's been working so well on my large pores and they have greatly reduced in size. I got the… View Post

Photography By Paul Masamo It all starts with picking the right extensions. They call it an investment for a reason, you have to get good quality human hair. I’m wearing BeautyClick Natural Wave human hair. I have 2 x 18 inches, 2 x 20 inches and a 12-inch closure. Depending on the quality of your weave, it can last you up to 3 years if you take care of it. A weave can even be… View Post

and how you can avoid themLocation: Cold Springs Karen Boutique HotelPhotography By Paul Masamo   1. Inconsistency Being consistent with your blog doesn't necessarily mean posting all the time. It means having some sort of schedule for your blog posts. Be it 3 times a week or once a month. This can be very challenging to bloggers, you find that this month you are overflowwing with content and the next month your content is as… View Post