Exploring Kobe Resort: Photo Diary

I had the pleasure of visiting Kobe Suite Resort in Watamu over the weekend. The space is so beautiful and they have the best service.

I took so many photos of the place and I will have a full review soon with all the information and details.

For now enjoy my photo diary and If you're looking for a place to go over the December holiday you can book your stay here on their website or you can call them on +254 708 249 051



  1. Michelle11/28/2016

    I loved following up with your snap and insta stories over the weekend. Such a beautiful place with fantastic views.

    Have a nice Monday and lovely week, Nancie :)

  2. Really digging this visual diary and the new level off the shoulder top.

  3. Kobe looks like the place to kick back and soak up some sun. Lovely spread of pictures. The top you are wearing looks gorgeous. xx

  4. I enjoyed the pictures so much, Kobe Suite is a wonderful place to visit, I'm definitely putting it down my travel bucket list.