4 Mistakes I've Made As A Blogger

1. Inconsistency

Being consistent with your blog doesn't necessarily mean posting all the time. It means having some sort of schedule for your blog posts. Be it 3 times a week or once a month.

This can be very challenging to bloggers, you find that this month you are overflowwing with content and the next month your content is as dry as the Sahara.

Solution; Create a content calender every begining of month. Write out your post ideas and work on them a week or two early. This will also give you time to create content.

2. Quantity Over Quality

This mostly happens to me when I do bulk shoots for both my blog and my YouTube Channel. I prefer to do a maximum of 2 outfits at a go, by the third look I'm bored and tired.

Same thing for my YouTube, when I film more than two videos, I most likely will not post the third video. The energy and quality are never good.

Another thing is, more blog posts do not necessarily mean good quality, if you can blog daily and still have great quality content; go ahead.

Solution; Be honest with yourself, if you are not happy with something you created, it's okay to repeat it or not post it at all. I've posted stuff that I didn't like and I always end up deleting it in the end. Total waste of time!

3. Obsessing Over Numbers

We've all been here! You obsess over blog hits, Facebook fans, Facebook likes and shares, Instagram followers and likes etc. It's not good and it's not healthy. I've mentioned it before in my "How To Be The Best At Anything" post. This deters you from concentrating on what is necessary.

Solution; Set goals for your analytics and then describe what you need to do to achieve those goals. Monthly goals are best, it will be easy to track progress.

4. Under pricing Myself

When it comes to blogging, there's no standard to set up your rate card. Most times you set according to what you know your work is worth. I'm talking about labour fees here not expenses.

You'll find that sometimes a potential brand will say "your rates are too high" and another will say "why are you so cheap" Some brands will concentrate on numbers and others will concentrate on ideas/content.

Solution;  Create a rate card you are confident in and that resonates with your work. It's impossible to please everyone. Do not regret when someone says you're too cheap; take their comment as a compliment and update your rate card.

Wearing; Zara White mullet blouse,  Thrifted denim shorts (I swear I'm wearing them),  Amiclubwear Olive Thigh High Boots


  1. Owkay.. Let's start with that outfit.. Girrrrrl you be Killin it!! Those shoes are life and life after jeez.. Then the content.. Thank you as always. U touch on things that any upcoming blogger would relate to.. Wink!!

  2. Checker7/07/2016

    I used to be blogger, my blog was societal politics and I think one mistake I made was not advertising myself and being out there, I had a few friends tell me it was good but I was scared of posting my website on other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook because I was very afraid of what people's reaction would be and if they didn't like it that much. I'm yet to start writing again because it's my passion .

  3. Nancie7/07/2016

    Please start again. Do not be scared what anyone will think. People will have an opinion anyway.

  4. Hello,
    First of all, those shoes... WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY ARE THEY SO GORGEOUS ??
    This post has given me more inspiration. Thank you for this.
    You're doing great, don't let nobody tell you otherwise even yourself.
    I have a blog too, consistency is something I struggle with as well.

  5. I'm here for your thigh-high cut out boots! So beautiful. :) I've always loved your blog, but more so since you relaunched. There's evident growth and much more personality. I've said it before, I love how you incorporate your style into helpful lifestyle and motivation posts.

    I have a food and travel blog and vlog where I post recipes, restaurant reviews and travel post when I travel. Have a look if you will. :)



  6. Slay, those boots mama!! I love the direction the blog has taken and your tips are really helpful especially for an upcoming blogger. There's a lot of personality and I love it!

  7. This whole outfit is bomb! The boots are straight up fire girl. This post is so awesome, really useful for upcoming bloggers or just people that love to read blogs (gonna call us "enthusiasts") every minute of the day like me, lol. Just followed you on another platform, Bloglovin. I'm obsessed with that app! Been using oy for over a year and its super convenient because everything is in one place. I can catch up on all my favourite bloggers posts.

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  9. Nancie you are everything! So genuine! Thanks for the content you have been creating... Some of your post are part of my morning routine, the inspiration is on another level. Don't get me started on the outfit. You literally slayed it. So much love for you ma'.

  10. Nancie7/09/2016

    I've been using bloglovin for years, I love it as well.

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    Thanks, Devendra Meena

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  13. You came back with a bang. Really like your website, the layout, outfits...errthang! You are doing a good job. This post is so true, I have been so inconsistent but I intend to do better.

  14. inlove and inspired by your constant tips on how to be a better blogger!

  15. This look is perfect. pictures are shot nicely. i love your tips too incorporating them in ours.

  16. I have no idea how or why I took so long to get to your blog but I'm glad I did.
    You are doing amazing!

  17. nice... you inspired me to start my blog, i remember telling you this even two years ago,. am a victim of the number one mistake, but am working on it now, i just wanna focus on positive people like you and grow as a person . thanks Nancie...

  18. i love you more after this post.. i've gone through all you've mentioned. I feel like i can do better after reading the post.

  19. Its by divine nature that i stumbled across this post. I really like the piece of advice that you gave out. It resonates with me just because I'm a fairly new blogger. My website is three months old and what I've been really concentrating on is the number. However, i try to make sure that the content is authentic. It sometimes gets tough to follow a schedule because i am a full time student but i am trying to stick with one and I'm seeing its paying off. Il put my URL for my latest blog post below.

  20. I definitely needed this I have been so inconsistent with my blog. I also don't like my blog name haha I just don't feel it represents me or my journey....

  21. Great post! I think I've made all the mistakes above, but I guess it's only by making these mistakes that you learn what works for you and what doesn't.

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  23. You are my inspiration!
    I use to blog too... I was 17 then, but due to lack of resources and maybe support fro my family I stopped. I'm now back to it hoping it goes well this time round.
    A question though, how do I get to work with brands?

  24. Hi Nancie ,

    I knew about your blog but today i actually took the time to go through your posts and I LOVE IT. Your content OMG spot on . Plus I like your style .

  25. LOVE THIS!! My biggest struggle is obsessing over numbers!!!

  26. Very informative article in regards to blogging. I'm a new blogger as well and I would just like to say thank you for pointing out these facts. Keep it up!

  27. I believe you. You are wearing the shorts, or are you? Love your blog. I want to be you when I grow up lol.

  28. Love everything about your outfit...four years later and am still an avid follower. Your style is eclectic and trendy as always!
    I think people rush into blogging without planning, it seems easy from the outside but it's really a rock-climb. That's why we make these mistakes then realise way later once the `damage' is done.
    You should consider writing an e-book/book on blogging/your journey as a blogger. It would be a great Eye-opener for most of us novices.