Just Do It!

Up until last year I thought I was a risk taker, this is in relation to life in general not fashion and beauty. When it comes to the frivolous things that this earth has to offer I can take risks all day however when it comes to business, matters of the heart, my family and of course extreme sports I tend to plan out everything down to mapping out the end results. I confess I'm an over thinker and sometimes it gets in the way.

It's both a good thing and a bad thing, just like most aspects in life balance is required. The worst thing about planning out anything is flexibility. Of course this life (the grand universe)will throw you a curve ball and your flexibility or rigidness towards a situation will affect how you handle it.

Taking risks is something I have to work towards this year, from the small things like networking (I suck at it) to the bigger things like being more adventurous and having that spontaneity. The Just Do It mentality is how I'm going to approach this just to avoid overthinking the situation and then killing the hopes of trying something new.

Check the last photo on this photo set, I'm sitting on a second floor ledge. What was I thinking? At the moment it was a cool idea (you know! Doing it for the gram!) now I'm just happy nothing happened. The photo is cool though...I love it! These are not the risks I’m taking about though, that's me being careless.

On the more adventurous side, the two things have to do this year is go for deep sea diving and skydiving, I've always wanted to but I've always been scared. If you've done this before share your experience in the comment box. What risks are you taking this year?

*Thank you to everyone who checked out the starting over post and the those who commented as well, you guys are giving me life. So much positivity in that comment section.*

Wearing: Shein lipstick lips blouse, Adams denim shorts, Adams Sunglasses, Bata Sandals


  1. You look amazing and this post was just perfect timing as I go over certain things I want to start working on about myself in the new year. I am rigid in my ways as well. A chronic overpreparer (if you will) who gets totally thrown off balance when things don't go as planned. I probably need to take time to enjoy life a bit more. I am so glad you are back. The blog looks beautiful.

  2. Nancie1/12/2016

    We need to let loose and live a little...So I take you with me for skydiving? :D

  3. Heeey!

    I am quite the adventurous spirit. I did Sky diving for my 24th birthday last year. There are no words to describe the feeling. IT WAS AMAZING. ...You can do it!!!! I shared the video in my blog you can watch it here....http://www.bintygakii.com/my-jump-to-24/#more-1618 ....I ll probably be doing deep sea diving this year or something BIGGER for the 25th!! All the best sweerie!!


  4. I'm always scared of taking risks and like playing it safe but looking forward to pushing myself this year. I'll start with deep swimming pool swimming though before I jump to the sea but I hope you share your experience once you achieve your two adventures.

    I love outfit. Your top and sunnies is so summer gorgeous.


  5. Nancie1/12/2016

    Let me have a look...Thank you.

  6. Nancie1/12/2016

    yesss! start now so that soon we can go swim with the sharks somewhere :D

  7. You and me both on the sky diving this year nancie and to live life a little more. So many times we let fear hold us back, but I'm so ready to embrace everything fearful or not, it's going to be a great year #fingerscrossed.

  8. Av always wanted to try skydiving but my fear of heights is out of this world.. Be it your word, am taking that risk before the year ends. And one last thing.. Ur blog is just so beautiful.

  9. Ngina Kanyora1/12/2016

    Welcome back gal , you 've been missed. all the best in all you do. :)

  10. Nancie1/12/2016

    Thank you Ngina

  11. Nancie1/12/2016

    MAybe you can do something else like deep sea diving! Thanks Doreen

  12. its always easier to be comfortable than taking risks :)
    beautiful post :)


  13. Yayy
    Your back!!!
    Love this post

  14. Nancie1/12/2016

    Thanks love.x

  15. Welcome back doll! You look great as always. Will keep tuned in to hear how your experience will be. This year I want to travel and travel some more ????


  16. Nancie1/13/2016

    Thank you.x

  17. Sapiyon1/13/2016

    Well this post is something I needed. Am a creature of habit . I plan . I don't do random and I rarely go outside what is norm for me. But I think too just like you I need to let loose and try something new n different. Love this post.

  18. Joy Wahome1/14/2016

    You have to deep sea dive and sky dive! The experiences is just unimaginable! For deep sea diving, I found it quite sureal that i was breathing underwater! Just don't overthink. :) All the best and welcome back!

  19. I think I'm more excited of deep sea diving than sky diving....I'm just scared of fainting while sky diving! :D Thank you.x

  20. Beautiful post. This year I am all about taking a break from work ( I am a workaholic) and living a lot more. I am also documenting my experiences to keep tabs.