Wear Your Kimono 4 Ways


Wear Your Kinono 4 ways , Nancie Mwai (2)

I’m sure I’ve said this enough times…”I love kimonos” I think it’s more of an obsession. I literally just purchased a star print kimono last week. Kimonos come in different lengths and styles. I prefer the longer ones with neutral colours. Fabric is also a factor when it comes to choosing a kimono. Chiffon is good for that light airy feel and perfect for a hot day. The stretch jersey that Vivo Active Wear uses is also perfect, gives the kimono weight and adds an elegant vibe to a look. My favourite is the grey one, of course, I wore it yesterday with my black and white pants.

It’s impossible to exhaust the number of ways one can wear a kimono. These are just 4 ways, I could have done more but I’ll save some for later. I believe in trusting your gut when it comes to dressing up since you know your body best and you know what works best for you. However, I’m going to give a few guiding tips on when you should reach out for a kimono.

As A Cover Up

If you’re one of those people who wear swimwear just to lounge by the pool and talk and catch up with friends, this is perfect as a poolside beachwear cover up.

On It's Own

Belt up, adjust and wear your kimono as a dress. Perfect to show your Angelina Jolie right leg skills. Perfect sexy without being too much

Add Colour

If you’re wearing a plain neutral coloured look, a coloured kimono is perfect to inject colour into the look.

Different Lengths

A kimono is perfect for adding different lengths aspect to a look. For example, you have a short skirt on or short shorts a kimono will give a different length dimension to the look.

How do you wear your kimono?

Wear Your Kinono 4 ways , Nancie Mwai (1)

Wear Your Kinono 4 ways , Nancie Mwai (3)

Wear Your Kinono 4 ways , Nancie Mwai (4)

This post is in collaboration with Vivo Active Wear, ya'll know I genuinly love kimonos, was probably born wearing one, all opinions are my own.



  1. Lora by Lora
    28/04/2016 / 10:09

    I love the purple and blue kimono. Those are my colours. You have styled them so well, inspired me to buy one or two. Great post as usual. x

  2. Angel
    28/04/2016 / 20:07

    Love all the Kimonos, but especially the navy one. You look gorgeous in all of these!!! And the photos are really awesome too. Lovely post.


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