Wardrobe Change

After I came back from Dakar back in June I decided to clear out my wardrobe, and I mean totally clear it out. I removed almost 90% of the things I had and that did not fit into my new “to be” wardrobe. I thought it would be hard to clear out stuff but it wasn’t; I already knew what kind of style I want to develop and what I want to stay away from.

Currently, I’m working towards having a neutral wardrobe; think neutral tones, earth tones, certain pastels, etc. I will not be adding as much colour into my wardrobe just a few pieces here and there that I cannot live without. Other than colours, I’ll be stocking up on more denims, pants, jackets and coats. I’m not into dresses but I kinda like love cool skirts

The biggest problem with clearing your wardrobe and starting from scratch is wearing the same 3 pieces all the time. As you can see in the photos above I love my camel coat and I love my camel chunky heels; they are super comfortable. Shopping is now easy because I know what I want and I’m aware of my colour scheme the only problem is when I find something cute that’s in a colour that I don’t care for.

I’ve tried this wardrobe thing so many times and I always never go through with it; this time though, I have a good feeling about it. Have any of you tried to start your wardrobe over?



  1. 14/09/2016 / 11:26

    I really need the grace to clear mine. Im so attached to some item in my wardrobe sana. In other news love the concept.. I really wouldn’t mind Raiding you closet Nancy. It a dream*hides*

  2. 14/09/2016 / 11:51

    I laugh because this is me every few months but the way my life is set up with an 8-5 I can’t exactly do that. Solution, I now have two closets, the one in my room is completely neutral nothing of colour hangs in it or around it just black, white, jungle green, grey and navy. The other one has all those colourful vitenge type thingamajigaz. Should I go ahead and “finish” the 8-5 biashara I might sync it all into one, I find that a lot of the times I am shopping I am only buying for my casual and not my work wardrobe which means I should probably make my work 80% casual. Plus while I love love love neutrals but they have proven to be the hardest things to stock up on. All the best on this one, I am watching enviously from a dark corner trying not to scream because of how much I love jungle green and camel!


    • Nancie
      14/09/2016 / 13:59

      My current 2 favourite colours as well.x

  3. 14/09/2016 / 12:06

    I’ve thought about it a number of times but that’s as far as it goes. I don’t think I can pull it off because my tastes keep changing, one minute I’m in love with a certain color and the next I’m over it and on to the next one. Please have a sale for the clothes you cleared out… We all want a piece of your closet

    • Nancie
      14/09/2016 / 13:52

      I gave out all my stuff…next time though I’ll sell them.x

  4. 14/09/2016 / 12:24

    I once tried to clear mine, only have black and white pieces but boy! It backfired on me. I’ll still do it though, some day. Can’t wait to see how yours works out!

    • Nancie
      14/09/2016 / 13:50

      Gurl!! I don’t think I can hack black and white only…I’m currently struggling to let go of my fave red dress.

  5. dharma wambui
    14/09/2016 / 13:05

    I honestly would live for ‘Camel’ everything! Its bold and neutral, whether as an accessorizing colour or as part of an outfit. I am all in with the wardrobe change idea…its the only way we can switch up ourstyle and literally get out of our comfort zones….love the camel coat!

  6. sapion karasha
    14/09/2016 / 13:23

    funny how today i just cleared my wardrobe. this is my second time. i always change my style but the difference is i love color so i am now getting into more color than before. 🙂 i love your coat and your chunky heels are life so wear them all u want.

  7. 14/09/2016 / 13:40

    About to clean mine this weekend. 95% of it and start all over.

    • Nancie
      14/09/2016 / 13:48

      Enjoy the process.x

  8. 14/09/2016 / 14:11

    Funny enough I’ve been thinking of clearing my entire wardrobe but has no clue how go about it. I guess this post came at the right time. It’s the same with me, I know the look into want to achieve so I’m not attached to anything, my only concern was what am I going to wear if I get rid of everything?

  9. Maryan
    15/09/2016 / 00:34

    Am trying to do the same thing..problem is u begin finding so many awesome outfits in color..sucks…would love to know how you edit your pictures..

  10. 20/09/2016 / 12:42

    I am curious, what was your motivation to start afresh? I managed to do this but only for my handbags. I am not sure I would manage this but wow! inspiring!

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