Monday Minute: Fight For Your Ideas

Imagine Yourself 99 years old in your Deathbed Quote - Nancie Mwai

Mood: I read an amazing article over the weekend from Copyblogger about fighting for your ideas. I shared it with most of my friends who have blogs and they loved it so I was like I have to share it with you too. When you’re starting something new especially a blog, you often feel like you’re talking to yourself. However people are watching what you’re doing and the best thing would be showcase your ideas and stand by them and fight for them. Try your best now to conform or get comfortable to the already set standards.

The Last Week: The day that I launched this blog I got an eye infection. It was just a minor irritation that day from an eye pencil liner that I had for a while. I seriously couldn’t find my usual liner so I used what I got my hands on. My eye got so bad in 4 days it was completely swollen. It healed pretty quick, in a week I was back to normal. It was excruciatingly painful, wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone. I’ve since thrown out all that makeup I’ve been hoarding and I’m more vigilant on sanitizing my makeup.

The Gym: I haven’t seen a gym since the first week of December. The whole of December I couldn’t work out since I was mommy mode full time. I was to get back after I launched my blog but got sick. I have lost so much muscle in that period of time it’s killing me. *tears* Can’t wait to get back! I need to follow my own advice.

Vlogging: I sold my old camera and I’m getting a new one soon so I can continue creating content for my my YouTube channel. Its so odd not having a camera with me, I feel like I lost a best friend. Sigh!

Playlist: I love listening to music (who doesn’t) I’ve compiled some of the songs I’m currently listening to. What are you listening to? Do share I want to discover some new music, I’m open to all genres.


  1. Here – Alessia Cara
  2. You & Me – Disclosure Ft. Eliza Doolittle (Flume Remix)
  3. Hello-Adele (Swahili Cover By Dela)
  4. Icon – Rick Ross ft Anthony Hamilton
  5. Black Coast – Ride Ft M. Maggie
  6. Benediction – Hot Natured & Ali Love
  7. Sugar – Robin Schulz (Feat. Francesco Yates)
  8. Young & Beautiful (Remix) – Lana Del Rey Vs Cedric Gervais


  1. barbarakibiraGB
    18/01/2016 / 13:40

    Great read and play list. In fact your play list got me thinking, I believe you’ll love this duo. Judging from your play list you’re not into hip hop but this duo are probably up your straight. Their music is so laid back check them out, they’re called Archduke; especially their first debut single Ama be happy.Oh if you can try out some UK hip hop aka grime, guys like Stormzy, Lady Leshurr, and Spekta (they’re really great for working out). Oh check out Idris Elba’s music yeah he does grime music too he goes by the name Driis.

    • 20/01/2016 / 11:10

      Thanks for the suggestions Barbara….I checked them all out and I’m now slightly obsessed with Lady Leshurr. I’m watching her queen speech! Dang!

  2. Grace K
    18/01/2016 / 18:03

    I think of you as a very brilliant person. Am here eatin popcorn watching you take over. Fabulous & cant wait for you tube comeback. Listening to these albums. Dope.
    Tamara Braxton -Calling all lovers
    Selena Gomez – Revival
    Def Bieber – Purpose
    & Future & Drake- what a time to be alive
    Billboard 100 Jan..

    • 20/01/2016 / 10:53

      I’ve become such a BIeber fan with his new album! Thanks for sharing Grace.

  3. Michelle Mutave
    19/01/2016 / 12:56

    I love music too I can’t live without it. I enjoyed your listening to your list. I hope you get a camera so soon.

    For the music, I am currently listening to
    Old Thing Back-
    Talyor Swift- Wildest Dreams
    Future – Where Ya At ft. Drake
    Let it all go- Birdy, Rhodes
    Life goes on- Tupac

    • 20/01/2016 / 10:45

      Thanks for reminding me about Life goes on by Tupac, its been awhile!

  4. Selfine Onyango
    19/01/2016 / 15:31

    A fellow music lover as well. About fighting for your ideas, I follow the mantra, “Feel the fear, do it anyway” , usually works out fine.
    Currently listening to:

    Hello-Dela(Swahili version)
    Taylor Swift-Wildest dreams
    That girl- Jah Cure
    Carrie Underwood-Blown away
    Ycee- Jagaban remix

    • 20/01/2016 / 10:40

      Thank you for sharing! Just listened to Carrie Underwood-Blown away…WOW! Love it.

      • Selfine Onyango
        20/01/2016 / 11:30

        You’re most welcome.

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