All Tied Up Swimsuit

Location: Kobe Suite Resort           Photos: Paul Masamo

I got this swimsuit from Romwe a few months back and I got the wrong size, its a medium and I should have gotten a large. It's super tight on me but funny enough looks dope but it's not comfortable. I'll keep wearing it until I get a replacement.

On this day we managed to get up early(5:30am) to catch the sunrise, as much as it was cloudy, it was very very beautiful. The orange hues in the sky reflecting on the ocean was a sight to behold. ( I have a vlog with all that).

Have a lovely weekend. Tomorrow is Tribal chic. Yaay!


  1. You made the piece sound hillarious...LOL but you look fab & the view is amazing.


  2. loving the sunrise and the swim suit. Enjoyed seeing your photos on Instagram.