Ichyulu Launch with Chichia London Art Installation

This past weekend I attended the Ichyulu Launch at Circle Art Gallery. They were launching a fashion art installation called "Kikulacho Ki Nguoni Mwako" which was conceptualised by Ichyulu in collaboration with Chichia London and Arieta Mujay. The installation explored the use of khang as a communication tool; from bespoke pieces to patchwork to hand beaded pieces. Christine Mhando, Chichia London Designer, came along with Arieta Mujay who is currently the Head of Communications at Boohoo.

Every art installation is different and has it's own theme and vybe going on. What stood out to me mostly was the display of the pieces, the metal cubes, and the khanga quotes banner. The other thing that was bomb was the collaboration Ichyulu did with 2manysiblings,  where they featured an array of brands available on the Ichyulu online store. Their photo wall looked truly like a work of art, bringing a myriad of prints together to create magic!

My favourite swahili saying is "Acha kukuna makovu ya mende", which literally means "Stop scratching the cockroaches scars", figuratively it means "Leave old wounds alone and move on." What is your favourite swahili saying?

Wearing: Neon 27 black and white cropped pants, Urbano Gallery nude chain bag, Angelos nude pumps, Adams khaki blouse.



  1. Mandi Sarro - TDQ2/05/2016

    "Mchele ni mmoja, mapishi ni mengi" Because of the fact that I cook and people always try to tell me my recipe should be a certain way.

  2. kangaimwiti2/05/2016

    I love it!

  3. lorabylora2/05/2016

    Love these photos hun. The colours are just amazing. Your outfit is on point. xx
    Fav saying: Kikulacho ki nguoni .. He he

  4. Nelo Obi2/06/2016

    Looking great as always Nancie, Love those poses, so fierce btw Welcome back to blogging

  5. Everything is so gorgeous but especially your outfit and especially your top :) I'm so happy you're blogging again, Nancie. Blessings. XO